1 March 2013

Jack Wills Nail Varnish | Orchid

This is most definitely a love hate product.
I absolutely adore the colour and shine when it has dried, but oh my it takes forever to dry.

I decided to use a base coat with this, for some reason i thought it might stain my nails. It took around 5 minutes to dry, with me sticking my hands in water for an extra 2 minutes. Even now, 30 minutes later i am still smudging it. Any tips on how to get this to not smudge?

So aside from the drying issues, i love it. The colour is great. A gorgeous shade of purple. Once it has dried (to some extent) it is very glossy and shiny. I have worn this before today and it does last a good few days before chipping off. The price, £6.50 is a bit steep considering my fave Boots 17 Varnishes range from £2.99 to £3.99 and i believe are much better, but what do you expect for a jack wills product?

You can purchase them here or at your local Jack Wills Store.

Overall, i dont hate them, i quite like them. I do have my eye on Sage and BlueBell though.


  1. I had no idea that Jack Wills did nail varnish - I love this colour - I have a nails inc one that is similar!

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    1. Neither did i until the fella came home with it. xx

  2. Such a nice colour shame it doesn't dry nicely! Sometimes I rub baby oil on my newly polished nails, not sure if it helps though!


    1. I might try that next time. Thank you xx