26 February 2013

Wish list #1 | Boohoo.com

I absolutely adore Boohoo.com. It is always up to date fashion at affordable prices and amazing looking clothing. I have purchased several items from here before. All of them being dresses come to think of it.
This is my current wish list.

1.  2.  3.
4.  5.  6.
7.  8.  9. 
If money was no issue, i would own everything on this page and no doubt more. Sadly, bills come first. Boooooo. 
Anyway, i have just realised i have absolutely no specific style. I like what i like and i wear what i want. 
I have only recently fell into the sheer shirt trend and i am definitely a fan now. Although, they cant be too wild and they most definitely have to have long selves. I have been lusting after a thick 'boyfriend' style cardigan for a long time now and i havent actually found one that i like. I do love this one though. Its plain and simple. I want to be able to just chuck it on with that effortless look but look great at the same time. Thick cardy, simple top, skinny jeans and some flats or converse on a lazy day. Yes. 
In the summer, i absolutely love dresses. I hate being far too hot and feeling sweaty. In what summer we get, you will usually find me in a cute dress with a cardy over the top as i 100& hate my arms so must have them covered up. (unless i just cant possibly handle the heat or feeling very, very brave). 

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